Two ACSers with Awards from the Young Bulgarian Composer Competition

Congratulations to Lyubomir Kotsev and Emir Ahmed!

Lyubomir Kotsev '23
Emir Ahmed, Grade 12

In October, the original music pieces of two ACS-ers - senior Emir Ahmed and recently graduated Lyubomir Kotsev ’23 - made it to the ten best works in the Young Bulgarian Composer Competition of Palms Music Production House and the National Academy of Music "Prof. Pancho Vladigerov”

Lyubomir Kotsev’s beautiful "Atri’s Waltz" won the third award as per the expert jury while Emir Ahmed’s vivacious "Ruchenitsa-Fantasy" won the Audience Award with over 1,900 votes.

Emir started playing the piano 5 years ago here at ACS as an eighth grader and has performed at every single Classical Concert since. Two years ago, he started composing, too. 

Lyubomir also discovered his talent for music at ACS. "Every day, I would go to school about an hour before the first classes to bring my ideas to life on my favorite rickety piano in front of the SCIFI Center. "Atri’s Waltz" also came about there," Lyubomir shared.

Congratulations to Lyubomir and Emir and those involved in their artistic development thus far!