Two ACS Students Won the BDA Debates Open 2019 Competition

Last weekend ACS 11th grader Nikol Mihova and 9th grader Alek Selveliev won the Bulgarian Debate Association (BDA) National Debates Competition. The American College of Sofia was represented by 7 teams, the most of any participating school. ACS Alumni Joana Valova ’18 and Kristiya Navushtanova ’19 judged at the tournament while Yordan Georgiev ’19 was a leading contributor to “The Debater’s Handbook” which premiered at the event.

According to ACS Debate Club President Zachary Nickolaev, Nikol and Alek had been preparing by doing weekly debates in and out of the club and creating arguments for motions that were given at other tournaments, along with actively reading up on recent news and current affairs.

“We are definitely seeing the start of a golden age. I've already seen people joking on the internet about how ACS wins every tournament. The thing that makes me most excited is how involved and motivated the youngest generation of ACS debaters is. I'm hopeful that the new leadership we're about to see next year can carry the spirit of the ACS Debate Club and continue our work so that more of our debaters can compete internationally. I expect nothing less than full effort from the people that will be leading the club next year - after all, they have a legacy to uphold.” Zachary Nickolaev commented.

Congratulations to the winners and all ACS debaters and best wishes for many more victories ahead!