Top Results for Our Physicists in Varshetz

At the Spring National Physics Competition in Varshetz, held March 8-10, ACSers reaped 5 out of the 9 possible medals in the age groups they competed in.

“Everybody returned tired but very excited and even more ambitious than before”, Science Department Head Krassimira Chakarova shared and below you will see why.

Remarkably, team-wise ACS seniors ranked first in the country and our juniors got the silver!

In the pool of our 9th and 10th graders, competing on the same theme (as per new regulation), there were 120 participants in total. Mind-blowingly, ACS 10th grader and astronomy Olympiad 2018 gold medalist Todor Kiurkchiev ranked third - as in third in the country - and got the bronze medal!

Going further up in the age groups, ACS juniors Nikolay Mitev and Gergana Peeva ranked second and third and the country respectively and so did seniors Yoana Nikolova (silver medal) and Georgi Vichev (bronze medal). Nikolay Miladinov ranked fifth in the country (second prize).

Additionally, four ACS students received prizes for excellent results - Konstantin Georgiev (10) received second prize, while his fellow tenth graders Dragomir Ganeff and Ivo Yordanov, as well as junior Spas Dimitrov, received third prize.

Congratulations to our award-winning physicists, students and teachers alike, for these fantastic results!