They Can - Here and Now

ACSers Ace IT, Informatics, and Visual Art National Competition

Ten ACS students participated in the 13th National IT, Informatics, and Visual Art Competition, I Can - Here and Now, held in Devin May 31 to June 2. Three of them returned with gold and five ranked fourth in their preferred categories. Amazing!

This year the total number of participants was over 400. Students from the whole country competed in several different categories: Programming, Photography, Video Making, Front-End Development, Graphic Design, Presentation Making, Website Design (UX & UI), and Game Development. Participants had seven hours to resolve particular tasks and were ranked based on the results achieved.

For the second year in a row, ACS students Spas Stoimenov, Boyan Roujenov, and Teodor Ivanov - now as 10th graders - all won gold medals in the Game Development category. 

Fellow ACS 10th graders Christian Kenanoff and Steven Gochkov took fourth place in the team final ranking in the same category.

Three of our recent graduates Victor B. Ivanov, Emir Ahmed, and Dimitar Zhekov came in fourth in the Programming category. 

Two more ACS students from Grade 10 participated and did well - Damyan Lesidrenski and Dimitar Borilov.

Congratulations to the gold medalists and all participants for their excellent performance, with gratitude for their IT teachers! 

The 10 ACS Participants at the Competition in Devin
The ACS gold medalists at last year's edition, again with gold