The New Issue of The Fountain and the Awarded Student Works

The school year behind us, just like its predecessor, was marked by uncertainty, challenges and obstacles hindering our being close to our loved ones. It is no surprise that the topic of The Fountain’s competition for art and literature – “At a Distance” inspired so many talented authors.

Winners in the Literature Competition:
First place: “Mouse Trap”, Monika Arnaudova
Second place: “Close”, Yana Peeva
                     “She-wolf”, Victor Monov
Third place: “Far”, Niya Georgieva
Encouragements: “Far at sea”, Irina Atanasova

Winners in the Cover Art Competition:
First place: Gabriela Stanimirova ’23
Second place: Teodora Miteva ’25
Third place: Georgette Petrova ’23

Colors of the issue
Traditionally, in this issue of The Fountain those works that are off-topic but impressed the editorial team were distinguished as well. As the "colors" of this issue, marked with a flower by the title, the magazine's team draws attention to the following texts:

Magdalena Vodenicharska, “The Poet of no Poetry about Him”
Magdalena Vodenicharska, “The White Flag”
Alexandra Ladjeva, “Translators”
Nikola Kralev, “One and only”

Next Competition’s Topic
The topic of the competition for literature and cover art of the upcoming issue is “Тhe Anthem of the Clock”. Students can submit their original work until November 5, 2021.

On behalf of the editorial team of the College’s literature and culture journal The Fountain, we are grateful to everyone who submitted their works for the competition, we are congratulating the winners and wishing the best of luck to all who will join the contest for the next edition.

Enjoy the summer The Fountain edition online.