The 2020 Spring of SAF

We like bright ideas as much as the next guy, but we like ideas that come true even better. That’s why we like the Student Activities Fund best.

In its sixth year now, SAF has been granting funds to make the bright ideas of ACS students come true. The 2020 spring session took place on February 19 in the Media Room. 11 student projects, activities and SIHP applied for grants of up to 500 leva each.

SAF is a joint initiative of alumni and parents, and this year is chaired by veterans Nicole Levakova ’16 and Gergana Rakovska. The jury also included PTA President Elena Onbright and Secretary Evgenia Selvelieva, and representatives of the Student Council and the offices of the Dean and Development.

Some projects which received funding in the fall session reapplied for more: FISSION, Debates Open Tournament, European Court of Human Rights Mock Trial, Model United Nations, Heritage of the People. Some projects sounded exciting (Wave to the people, ACS Talent Show!), but will need further development before qualifying for a grant. One thing was constant and true of all candidates: they all had great presentation skills. Clear and strong message, impressive command of the audience, and actually knowing what you’re talking about will all come in handy in most situations in life. Kudos, teams!

Now comes the hard part. The approved projects will have to go through all the steps of executing, managing and reporting their activities. It’s the way bright ideas come true, and we’re thrilled to be on this journey with you.