Yesterday, May 28, the American College of Sofia was the proud host of two tournaments organized by SPECIAL OLYMPICS BULGARIA.  

National Director of SPECIAL OLYMPICS BULGARIA, Mr. Hristo Hristozov opened the event and his colleague Mr. Emil Ivanov voiced the oath of SPECIAL OLYMPICS: “Let me win, but if I can not win, let me be brave in the attempt.” Ms. Kapka Georgieva, Director of Social-Professional Training Center Knyaz Boris I, and coaches Ms. Ani Poliakova and Mr. Boris Shishkov were also present.

The Special Olympics athletes from Social Professional Training Center Knyaz Boris I and ACS students competed together in a football tournament for boys and a dodge-ball tournament for girls. Twenty-seven volunteers from the College participated as football and dodge-ball players in the mixed teams. Three ACS teachers, led by Ms. Veselina Tpeshanova made the event possible with their active effort.

Medals were awarded to all participants.