ACS Student Scientists Published

A scientific article by ACS seniors Michaela Tzvetkova and Nia Dimitrova, supervised by our Biology teacher Dr. Ganka Dineva-Dimitrova was recently published in the Journal of Research High School. The paper titled The Role of Epithelial Markers in Breast Cancer Metastasis: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis presents a statistical meta-analysis of markers associated with breast cancer, specifically addressing their prognostic implications. Beyond its academic contribution, the document provides a compelling and intellectually stimulating read, signifying a noteworthy accomplishment for the two student authors who pursued this research as an extracurricular activity.

We congratulate them on the remarkable achievement.
Their dedication and hard work in contributing to the understanding of this critical area of research are truly commendable. Well done!
Read the paper in volume 2023(2) of the journal, pages 353 - 371 or HERE.