Overview of the 2019-2020 Basketball Season at ACS

by Coach Cameron Knight

Well, the 2019-2020 basketball season is winding down, but it certainly has been a wild ride this year. ACS Girls basketball had a very successful season, with the varsity team winning more games than in any prior season. There was also enough interest to form an ACS Junior Varsity team for the first time, a promising sign for the future of ACS girls’ basketball. In the NALB Sofia Schools League the ACS Girls Varsity team secured 2nd place for the season and the ACS Girls Junior Varsity team placed 4th.

ACS Boys basketball had an exciting season as well. The ACS Boys Varsity team battled back from a tough loss early in the season against AAS, and were able to overcome their adversaries in an impressive final game on home court to secure the 1st place finish and reclaim the Sofia Schools League trophy. Despite some tough games, the ACS Boys Junior Varsity team showed a lot of resilience and commitment this season, and they placed 4th in the league.

Though the season for the NALB Sofia Schools League ended on February 24th, the boys and girls teams are still looking forward to competing in more matches as part of the School Games Tournament. This is a tournament that takes place across Bulgaria, and one in which both the boys and girls teams went undefeated in the first round, emerging as the champions of the Mladost region. Given the situation, we are entirely unsure about how the tournament will progress, but we are hoping that it will, at one point resume, and that we will score more success as our teams continue on to its tougher stages.

Our teams also had the amazing opportunity to participate in a tournament abroad. In early February the girls and boys, along with their coaches and athletic director, travelled to Israel to compete in a tournament at the Walworth Barbour American International School in Tel Aviv. Despite the players’ valiant efforts, and some games that went down to the wire, both the girls and boys teams placed 4th.

Besides basketball, the players were able to enjoy some time floating in the Dead Sea, exploring Tel Aviv-Jaffa, experiencing the culture, and learning about the history of Israel. They also had the opportunity to build relationships with students from many various international schools and with the families who housed them during our stay in Tel Aviv.

All in all, this has been a season to remember for the ACS basketball teams. To everyone who was a part of this, whether as a player, coach, referee, organizer, or fan, thank you very much!

Until next season,

Coach Cam Knight