Online Teaching at the American College of Sofia Continues in Adapted Format

In response to feedback we have received from students, faculty, department chairs, and parents, the American College of Sofia is adopting changes to the plans and expectations for online learning, scheduled to the end of November. The purpose of the changes is to reduce the demand for constant screen time for both students and faculty and also to provide more flexible, independent learning time for students. 

This way, in courses taught in blocks of two periods, only the first period will be a synchronous online class. The remaining 40 minutes will be available to students to work independently. Plans for single-period classes, sports classes, electives and extra-curricular activities have also been amended. 

With the changes in the structure of the school days while maintaining the original school schedule, teachers and students at ACS will have more opportunities to pace their on-screen time, to manage the progress of their project more effectively, and to balance the academic and extracurricular workload.