Latest Math Success

ACS mathematicians came back triumphantly once again from the National Math Competition for Language School Students this year held on March 23 in Lovech. Our students took 10 out of total of 19 medals!

In their grade level eighth graders Hristo Papazov, Ivan Ganev, and Stefany Kissovsky took  the gold, silver, and bronze medal respectively. Among ninth graders our representative Nedyalko Bradinoff was third while tenth graders Radostina Kalaydjieva and Ivaylo Mitkov were first and second respectively. Eleventh graders Richard Mihaylov and Matthew Lukanoff were second and third and finally, seniors Ivaylo Valkov and Hristian Nedyalkov were first and third respectively. Congratulations to our math talents, students and teachers alike for an amazing performance!