Join us for Open House Days at the American College of Sofia 2019-2020

Students are in class, extracurricular activities are gaining momentum and the horizon is already revealing the first tests and quizzes. By the looks of it, it is the fall, which brings us to the campaign for the American College of Sofia’s next incoming class – 2025.

The College welcomes applicants in 7th grade who have a GPA of no less than 5.00 in the year they are sitting for the exam. If order to learn about the opportunities available to ACS students, join us for one of the information sessions within the ACS Open House days, and you can already sign up (follow the active links):

October 26, 2019 Saturday

November 9, 2019 Saturday

November 20, 2019 Wednesday

December 7, 2019 Saturday

January 11, 2020 Saturday

January 14, 2020 Tuesday


If you are outside of Sofia, you can meet us during an information session in the country:

Plovdiv - October 23, 2019, Wednesday

Bourgas - October 29, 2019, Tuesday

Varna - October 29, 2019, Tuesday

Vratsa - November 6, 2019, Wednesday

Pleven - November 13, 2019, Wednesday

Learn more about applying to the American College of Sofia here and we are looking forward to meeting you.