Individual Honors and Outstanding Delegation Award for ACS at ODUMUNC 45

The ACS Model United Nations (MUN) Team earned an Outstanding Delegation Award at the Old Dominion University 45th MUN Conference (ODUMUNC 45) in Norfolk, VA, USA. The American College of Sofia was represented by 16 delegates who worked tirelessly and often well into the night due to the time-zone difference. The Conference featured 43 delegations of mostly native speakers, representing 83 nations. In addition to the overall Outstanding Delegation Award, the following ACS representatives were distinguished:

Jasen Nikolov representing Cuba at the Social, Humanitarian & Cultural Issues Committee was awarded Outstanding Delegate. Yoana Vladimirova of the Special Political and Decolonization Committee, also representing Cuba, received a Verbal Commendation. Ivan Kamberov was named Best Delegate in his role of representing Serbia on the United Nations Special Session on the COVID-19 Pandemic. Peter Petrov, sitting on the International Olympic Committee on behalf of Pakistan, received an Honorable Mention. Agnel Karchev, also within the International Olympic Committee, earned a Best Delegate award for representing Bulgaria. Sara Behar was awarded a Verbal Commendation for her representation of Pakistan at the Economic and Social Council while Anna Hatchikian, representing the Central African Republic on the African Union, earned Best Delegate! 

Congratulations to all delegates and their mentors!