High-School Musical on Stage! at ACS – What a Spectacular Show!

On April 24, 26, and 27, the ACS English Drama/Musical Program cast presented performances that will be talked about for a long time to come. Here is an attempt for a brief description of this year’s musical production: exceptional presence on stage, impressive vocal performances, awesome dancing skills, and an audience, emotionally responding to every moment of what was happening on stage.

On behalf of the people who saw the show: a big thank you, students and advisors!

Once again, let’s give a round of applause to some true stars:

Alexander Kotlenko 9/3
Rosen Vutov9/4
Panayot Gaidov 10/8
Martin Triaskov 9/3
Lorra Videva 9/1
Sevdalina Vladimivora 10/1
Yoana Petrova 10/7
Peter Beevski 9/5
Lora Beltcheva 10/6
Elena Chergilanova 9/5
Ivana Gavrilova 10/8
Elizabeth Nikolova 8/4
Gabriela Aleksandrova 9/5
Niya Ruseva 8/3
Ana-Elena Karlova 8/3
Kalina Petrova 9/4
Kalina Stancheva 10/8
Kosara Tsoneva 8/7
Plamena Zhelyazkova 10/8
Milena Klingova 10/3
Zlatina Trifonova 9/5
Ana Borissova 10/2
Ina Yovova 9/5
Alexandra Draganova 10/8
Pavel Krustev – NBU

Musical Director - Evgeni Gospodinov
Vocal Coach - Milena Tsolova
Stage Consultant - Amy Hard
Choreography by Stanislav Dimitrov-Stanley
Directed by Boris Pankin


Please see pictures of the cast and from the show in our photo gallery.



Amy Hard (on the left) with the Musical cast