Formal Senior Dinner for the Class of 2022

On the eve of the Commencement Ceremonies the graduating class gathered for a formal dinner in school, celebrating their and their teachers’ achievements over the past five years. Senior Dinner 2022 took place on Friday, May 20, in the presence of distinguished guests from the ACS Board of Trustees, school leadership and department chairs. 

As is tradition, it is at Senior Dinner that the graduating class elects a fellow student and a teacher to address the guests. So, after ACS President Dr. Ewing passed along words of wisdom from his parents, the students enjoyed speeches by Yulian Martinov, Ms. Nina Georgieva and Mr. Morison, on behalf of Mr. Tim Ward. Shortly after, Ms. Yana Peeva ’21 unveiled her “young ACS graduate” guidelines on behalf of the alumni.

Congratulations to the 2022 recipients of the Departmental Awards:

  • Andrea Andreeva - Bulgarian Language and Literature Department
  • Petar Draganov - English Language and Literature Department
  • Magdalena Tsocheva - Foreign Languages Department
  • Angel Karchev - Liberal and Fine Arts Department 
  • Atanas Iliev - Math and Computer Science Department 
  • Alexandra Velkova - Science Department 
  • Martin Donev - Sports Department 
  • Vladimir Donchev - Arts Program 

After their formal dinner, the seniors took a walk down memory lane with a brief slideshow capturing happy occasions from the past five years and saved many photos. Get a taste of the atmosphere through the images below.