FISSION is one of the great events in the school year. A student initiative, as complex as it is inspiring, which involves outside guests, faculty, staff, and sponsors – it is a lot of work. And the fact that it exists is a beautiful reward in itself. FISSION personifies what ACS stands for: student creativity that inspires the school community and beyond.

The winning models included transparent wood and a robotic arm, while experiments explored the stroboscopic effect and the effect of colored lights on the growth of plants.

The student leader of the FISSION team, senior Joana Nikolova, said: "I think that the event was quite successful. We resolved a number of challenges, both expected and not. FISSION has grown a lot, and its taking place over two days of joy and science suits it well."

The team did an exemplary job of the many layers of organization, involving a number of schools from all over Bulgaria and guests from Romania. A total of 48 projects participated, with ACS taking the top prizes in the three categories Chemistry, Biology, and Physics/Engineering.

Joana said, "We hope that we managed to intrigue the participants this year, and to create an atmosphere of interest and innovation. After the awards ceremony many participants came over to thank us and express their desire to take part again, so I think that we have done a good job."

Indeed, ACS president Dr. Richard T. Ewing, Jr. wrote: "I add my hearty congratulations to our award winners, to all participants, to all who organized and supported the ACS Science Fair and FISSION, and to Dr. Chakarova for her steadfast leadership!"

Some of the partners who made the event possible with funding and know-how are the America for Bulgaria Foundation, New Bulgarian University, Juliany, and the ACS's own Student Activities Fund.

In conclusion Joana said, "Now the time comes for some of us to seriously relax, while others will start the new cycle of work – as it should be, - and we wish them good luck."