Even from a Distance, Music Brings us Closer

ACS Classical Concert 2020 Online

This year's Classical Concert at ACS was scheduled for March 25, 2020, but due to extraordinary circumstances, the College community ended up at home before that date.

Shortly after the start of distance learning, pianists Teodora and Alexandra Daskalovi, and Yassen Horozov contacted the Performing Arts Program with ideas and suggestions for the implementation of the Classical Concert through online video. This inspired the Program Leadership and earned the support of the school administration.

In preparation for the concert, conductor of the ACS Choir Maestro Kristian Popov, together with ACS Choir Accompanist and Instrumental Program Advisor Milena Tsolova, held auditions, asking the students who wish to participate, to send home videos of their performances. After active discussions and additional guidance, the student performers recorded their final versions. 

"The ensemble performances pose a particular challenge because of the difficulty of the situation. Nevertheless, I think we will surprise you with quite a fancy variety of content, taking us through different eras, individual performances, ensembles and, of course, the performances of the ACS Choir.” - said Milena Tsolova.

This initiative is made possible through the opportunities offered by the College for distance learning, communication and creativity throughout these extraordinary times.

"We are delighted that the students spread their enthusiasm over to us and shared their work at home that will, thanks to this wonderful initiative, reach many people." Maestro Popov added.

Currently, all the performers are rehearsing hard. The poster for the concert is the work of Yulia Kostadinova, while Yassen Horozov and Maestro Popov are working on the final cut of the video. We will also have the pleasure of seeing our beloved hosts, ACS seniors Kalina Kostova and Martin Palikarski. The repertoire features works by Tchaikovsky, Strauss, Piazzola, Debussy and many others.

The concert will air on Thursday, April 30, 2020, from 5:00 pm on the ACS YouTube channel. Join the Facebook event for the concert too!