College 8th Graders Gave Away English-teaching Board Games to 2nd and 3rd Graders from 39th Middle School

Had someone foreign to the College passed by the cafeteria in the America for Bulgaria Campus center on Friday, March 28, they would’ve asked themselves: „Wait, wasn’t the College a high school, not an elementary school?” Yes, the American College of Sofia is a high school, with students in Grades 8 - 12. And one of the things that set it apart is the collaboration with and service to the local community, in this case 39th Middle School in Mladost.

As is tradition and supported tirelessly by ESL Chair Roumyana Ivanova, every year our 8th graders design, produce, and then give away to the 2nd and 3rd graders board games for easy English learning. This year more than 200 elementary grade students received almost 40 games from their big “sisters” and “brothers” in the prep class at ACS. College President Dr. Richard Tucker Ewing Jr. too exchanged some words with the young guests in what is his native tongue and a more accessible second language – English – to them. It is always so refreshing to meet with representatives from the next generation!