ACS's Got Talent! (Fund-raising Concert)

April 29, 6 P.M., Whitaker Auditorium

Tickets: 6 leva adults, 3 leva students

Thе event is a part of  the  Senior  Project of Tony Georgiev from the Class of 2013.

Teacher Sponsor: Stela Karnolska
Professional Sponsor: Petya Buyuklieva

The purpose of the event is to raise money for additional musical equipment for the Whitaker Auditorium:

The main reason why I'm doing this is because I've participated in every Christmas Concert and have experienced the impact of the lack of sound quality. Some might say that true talent isn't hindered by anything. However, it's the 21st century and technology is there to aid the young talents, not to get in their way. I want to encourage more people to participate in big events in the auditorium and there is no better way to do it, than to provide them with the best sound, which would truly make them shine!

Tony Georgiev

Special Guests:
Dr. Johnson and the Cash Clones (Teresa Monicken, Vlado Marinov, Martyn Rowlands, Tony Georgiev)
Petya Buyuklieva

Nikita Ovsyannikov 9/2
Kosara Tsoneva 8/7
Angie Boeva 9/7
Joro Boyadzhiyski 9/8 and Peter Beevski 9/5
Dobroslav Slavov 12/6 and Preslava Pencheva 12/6
Joanna Latcheva 8/8
Stefany Kissovsky 8/1
Venezia Georgieva 9/7
Lilyana Maryanska 12/4
Ivan Tsenov 10/5 and Damyana Mateeva 9/6
Ekaterina Georgieva 9/7
Magi Hristova 10/5
Victor Kouzmanov 11/7 and Velina Veleva 11/7
Nikola Nenkov 8/6 and Viktor Nikolaev 8/6
Kristina Petrova 12/7
Tony Georgiev 12/8