ACS Supports "Stop! Save the Children" Campaign

September 17, the first day of school, coincided with the culmination of the campaign "Stop! Save the Children!". The campaign urges all drivers to become more responsible and more careful at crosswalks and in the streets in general. The hope is to create public awareness and as a result to avoid any more children killed when crossing the streets.

The campaign is initiated by the Bulgarian National Television (BNT), the Sofia Municipality, and one pharmaceutical company. On the morning of September 17, Vyara Ankova, General Manager of BNT, Paul Johnson, ACS President, and other supporters of the initiative met at the crosswalk near the College and helped the students cross the street. As Dr. Johnson said, "we accept this issue personally because one of our students was killed several years ago near the College while crossing the street. I congratulate the Bulgarian National Television and its partners for this great initiative and thank you for being here this morning!"