ACS Success in the First Round of the National Informatics Olympiad

Five Students Qualified for Round 2

Five ACS students qualified for the second round of the National Informatics Olympiad: eleventh graders Svetoslav Ivanov (175 points), Nora Paskaleva (150 points), and Boris Markov (70 points), tenth grader Kaloyan Stefanov (300 or maximum points) and ninth grader Maria Nedkova (207 points). Congratulations!

Most of them are members of the Competitive Informatics Club, Nora being the club president, and they worked hard every Wednesday after classes in the computer labs to prepare themselves for the municipal round held January 7. Club advisors Dr. Paulina Todorova and Dr. Rositsa Todorova were there to support them. The second round of the Olympiad will be held February 5 at the Sofia Math School. Wishing success to the ACS Informatics squad!