ACS Success at the Deutsche Schule MUN Conference

By Dr. Zornitsa Semkova, ACS MUN Club Sponsor

Congratulations to our MUN Team for an amazing performance at the Deutsche Schule MUN Conference held October 13-15. ACS-ers Sophia Bobochikova, Iva Ivanova, Stanimira Petrova, Ema Yordanova, Adrian Doerfler, Svetlozar Dimitrov, and Zahari Pavlov worked with delegates form Bulgarian and German schools to solve the problem of refugees' access to jobs and financial services as a part of the #MUNRefugeeChallenge of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, has challenged Model United Nations students worldwide to debate major issues related to forced displacement.

We are very glad to announce that the conference successfully passed two resolutions out of the four debated draft-resolutions and our team members were at the core of their development. Furthermore, Zahari Pavlov was recognized as the Delegates' Choice for the Best Delegate.

Special thanks to our hosts from Deutsche Schule Sofia for a wonderful conference.