ACS Success at International Translation Contest

Anna, Svetoslav, and Dara

"A good approach to foreign language education instills in young people a desire to know themselves and the world, a desire for self-improvement, a sense of cultural identity and respect for the spiritual world of other peoples of the world. In our complex and difficult times, this work flows into the common efforts of Bulgaria and of all humanity to build a harmonious and free society of knowledge," as per Dean of the Philology Department of Veliko Tarnovo University "St. Cyril and Methodius", organizer and host of the 9th International Translation Contest for University and High-School Students "TRANSFORMATIONS 2024", in which ACS juniors Svetoslav Ivanov, Anna Doncheva, and Dara Popova participated.

A total of 463 participants took part by creating and submitting over 690 translations of prose and poetry, from 20 foreign languages into Bulgarian and into 18 foreign languages from Bulgarian.

With his translation from English into Bulgarian in the prose category, Svetoslav Ivanov took 3rd place. Congratulations!

In the same category, Anna Doncheva, was awarded the diploma "Onward", given for good translation decisions and signifying the jury’s appreciation of the potential in the translation interpretation.

Dara Popova participated with translations in both poetry and prose. 

Congratulations to all three ACS participants! Onward!