ACS Students Participate at the International Sofia Paper Art Fest 2013

Art Installation BIRDS created by our students with advisor Nia Decheva, Art Teacher will be exhibited in The Red House – Centre for Culture and Debate between May 15 and June 2.

For the first time we have received an invitation to participate at the forum that takes place in Sofia for the third year in a row. The paper festival is organized by AMATERAS Foundation and is one of the events in support of Sofia for European capital of culture 2019.

Please read more about the Paper Art Fest and its program HERE.


The art installation will be presented with Katrin Andreeva's poem The Return:

The Return

by Katrin Andreeva, 10th Grade

He flies
Away from home

On the stolen wings of a butterfly pinned.

He soars
Like a hawk in the sky,

So hard from the clouds to prescind.

He dreams
Of heaven and earth to be

On the cross of the roads and the whirl of the wind.

He lives
In a land so far from home

That wishing for it he has sinned.

And yet,
He was young

And the feathers and talons of youth

Burned with the fire of knowledge.

He couldn’t realize
The unclad truth
That by reaching the edge
To the core of what lies

Beyond the depths of our mind –

Out there he will find
The certain fact
That he will always come back
To his home.

The art work of Nia Decheva is exhibited in the Shipka 6 Gallery.