ACS Seniors’ Team Ranked 1st at the Fall National Competition in Physics

ACSers Performed Well Individually Too

The Fall National Competition in Physics is a prestigious competition featuring challenging problems beyond the high school Physics curriculum. This year’s edition took place in Sliven on November 12-13, for the first time in person since 2019. About 250 students from all over the country met to compete in five different groups according to their grade level.

As is tradition, ACS students took part and scored high up in the rankings, earning our admiration and congratulations:
12th Grade:

1st Place as a team
Victor Velichkov - 2nd Place individually
Ivan Gyulev - 3rd Place individually
Teodora Marinova - 2nd Award individually
Ivaylo Kamburov - 2nd Award individually

11th Grade:

3rd Place as a team
Yoana Ilcheva - 2nd Place individually

9th Grade:

Boyan Roujenov - 3rd Award individually

ACS participants had very good results and are motivated to take part in the next edition of the competition. Congratulations are also due for 9th graders Sophia Ilcheva, Alexandra Kasarova, and Victoria Stoyanova, 10th graders Kaloyan Dimitrov (only a point away from the 3rd award), Svetoslav Ivanov, Nikoleta Stoynova, Ema Yaneva, and Stephani Naydenova, and 11th graders Teodora Daskalova and Boris Topalov.

On behalf of all Physics teachers and the whole Science Department, we are congratulating all students for their achievements and, as always, are ready to support them in their route to success!