ACS Debut in Barcelona

At the World Schools Football Cup

By Valeri Banchev, Athletics Director


The ACS Boys Football Team made history this weekend by participating in the World Schools Football Cup, held in Barcelona.

The World Schools Football Cup, featuring 62 teams from 22 countries and spanning four continents, is a prestigious tournament that showcases the very best in youth football from around the world. This year, our ACS team made its debut appearance, a significant milestone in our school's history.

In the face of fierce competition, our ACS boys displayed exceptional talent, determination, and teamwork and secured an impressive 7th place in the tournament, a remarkable feat for a first-time participant and another testament to the outstanding coaching and guidance provided by Coach Adrian Gruev.

Congratulations to our team and coach for making history and representing our school with such honor. We will be there to support and celebrate their achievements!