ACS Classical Concert 2019

March 27, 5 PM, Concert Hall

Artwork by Desislava Petrova '19

Immerse yourself in the classical atmosphere of the past through the student live piano, violin, guitar, and voice performances of masterpieces by Bach, Beethoven, Schubert, Debussy, Rachmaninoff and other famous composers. ACS Classical Concert 2019, Wednesday, March 27, Concert Hall, 5 PM.

Traditionally, the ASC Classical concert features mainly students actively engaged with the College Choir and or the Instrumental Music Studio. Of course, all ACSers who perform instrumental or vocal classical music are welcome, after successfully passing an audition, to join the concert program. This way it turns into a true pallet of popular and apocryphal pieces, for the listening pleasure of the ACS community. The ACS Classical concert wouldn’t be possible without the effort and talent of the 25 performers and their advisors: Milena Tsolova, Stiliana Vodenicharova & Kristian Popov.