ACS Class Representatives

It is our pleasure to present to you the class representatives for most ACS classes:

Class of ’97 - Hristo Lazarov / Vanya Choneva

Class of ’98 - Zornitza Lilova / Neli Koleva

Class of ’99 - Milena (Staneva) Sullivan / Dimiter Kadanov

Class of ’00 - Denitsa Abadjieva

Class of ’01 - Mario Prohasky / Yoanna Mitova

Class of '02 - Milena (Evtimova) Velez / Veronika Koykova

Class of ’03 - Yana Shtereva / Kalina Alexandrova

Class of ’04 – Kiril Popov / Alexander Tomov

Class of ’05 – Nikolai Nikolov / Mira Kovacheva

Class of '06 - Velizara Passajova / Todor Valev

Class of ’08 – Maria Kinkina / Neda Tsvyatkova

Class of '09 - Ivan Peykov

Class of ’10 – Georgi Klissurski

Class of ’11 – Andrey Krachkov / Aysel Kucuksu

Thank you to those who volunteered to play an even more active part in shaping our community! We look forward to working together!

For the classes missing from the above list there are still open positions for class representatives (total of two per class), so do not hesitate to apply asap by writing to:


The ACS Alumni Relations, Development, and Admissions Office,
with the assistance of the Alumni Fund Advisory Committee