Two Bronze Medals for ACS Students at the Sofia Open Championship in Informatics

Congratulations to Maria Nedkova and Kaloian Stefanov!

The autumn edition of the Sofia Open Championship in Informatics was held on 11 November 2023 at The Sofia Math School (SMG). The tournament was organized by the Sofia-City Regional Education Department, SMG, and SAP Labs Bulgaria, and its results help determine quotas for the number of students participating in the National Fall Informatics Tournament. In Group B of the championship TWO ACSers, Maria Nedkova (Grade 9) and Kaloian Stefanov (Grade 10), won bronze. 

Over the past months, Maria Nedkova has been working hard in the Competitive Informatics Club with club sponsors Dr. Paulina Todorova and Dr. Rositsa Todorova from the Computer Science Department and club president Nora Paskaleva. Nora has won many medals in Olympiads and competitions and is a member of the National Informatics Team - Girls, which has won three medals this school year at the European Informatics Olympiad for Girls held in Sweden.

Congratulations to Maria, Kaloian, and Nora, and their devoted teachers!