Anti - COVID-19 Measures at the American College of Sofia

Updated: September 27, 2022

The American College of Sofia is adhering to the Bulgarian Ministry of Healthcare’s precautions and requirements. In line with the latest ministry order, the College has protocols in place for responding to positive Covid-19 cases or close-contact persons among students or faculty and staff members, including quarantine by section or individually.

Additionally, ACS has scheduled a booster and initial vaccination campaign with the updated Omicron Covid vaccines of Pfizer and Moderna on October 7, 2022. The College students, faculty, staff, their relatives and friends have been invited to receive a booster or begin their initial vaccination.

Тhe American College of Sofia has installed 252 UV-C air purification devices across the indoor spaces of the campus. They have been installed in the classrooms, the cafeteria, the Gipson Library, the Whitaker Auditorium, the Student Computer Innovation and Fabrication Institute (SCIFI) and the administrative spaces.

The devices circulate air through capsulated compartments where the pathogens are exposed to 254 nm UV-C lighting and killed. Microbiology tests, including effectiveness against COVID, demonstrate the devices to be 99,9% effective and not releasing ozone. This, in combination with the lack of exposure to UV-C light, makes them safe to people. Additionally, all devices are connected to a timer for energy efficiency.

The classroom and office disinfection devices were provided by world-renowned producer of lighting Beghelli, Italy.

ACS students, teachers and staff receive care from a full-time medical doctor. Doctor Antoaneta Georgieva is an experienced Internal and Respiratory Medicine specialist. The top priority of the Medical Office is to cover the immediate medical needs and medical emergencies of the students. The Medical Office also coordinates on campus the implementation of the anti-epidemic measures established by the Regional Health Inspectorate. In case of interest organizes vaccination campaigns for teachers and staff against infectious diseases, including influenza and COVID-19.