Slow to recall words you have studied for years? Can't understand your new foreign boss? Colleagues keep asking you to repeat things in English? Got an important language test coming up and speaking is your weakest skill? Our speaking course focuses solely on speaking and listening in a fun and social environment. We discuss a variety of stories, news, and clips from English-speaking countries. Over time, you will get used to a variety of accents, you will be able to speak more quickly, and your accent will improve. 

Who Is It Designed For?
This is a 24-hour course designed for adults and teenagers who wish to improve their spoken English and gain confidence in speaking the language in front of international friends, colleagues, and superiors.

Course Length
24 academic hours 

Course Plan
Classes take place at the American College of Sofia or a different location depending on the convenience of the group. Once a week on Friday from 18:00 to 20:00 or twice a week, if the group prefers to complete the course for a shorter time. Confirmation of the exact days will be available after registration, when the groups are formed.


Course fee

480 leva

Second family member discount


*VAT included

Benefits of Taking the Course
Taking the course will expose you to a regular speaking practice which will help you gain confidence in expressing opinions and ideas, and participating in discussions in English and active use of the language without hesitation or worries.

Learning System
Our highly-qualified teachers will form the discussions around topics of your interest. News of the day will be also extensively discussed.

Measuring Progress
At the end of every module, you will receive a report illustrating your current strengths and goals for the future.