English & Science is a course we introduced in 2018 based on the successful experience of our spring and summer programs. English training is more fun when practiced outdoors, or in relation to nature. Half of the course is devoted to acquiring new language skills aiming to teach the young children to read and write, enrich their vocabulary, upgrade their communication skills and use the all-English environment for language practice and immersion. The other half is dedicated to science. Exploratory education has been proven to be the most communication-rich, making our science lessons the perfect place to consolidate and strengthen the content learned in our English lessons. Natural and experimental science nurture a wide range of skills and knowledge essential to developing well-rounded children. Completing projects and investigations fosters concept development, helps children expand their ideas, encourages children to use open-ended questions, and builds advanced language skills. By completing course reports children get extended writing practice. Blessed with rich natural surroundings overflowing with fascinating ecological systems, ACS is the perfect place for exploring the natural world.  Wondering, discovering, and exploring come naturally to children.

Our team consists of highly qualified teachers: a science teacher and a teacher is English.

Who Is It Designed for?
This course is designed for young children: 6 – 11 years of age. 
Currently we’ve got 4 levels in this course. There is a younger group from 6 to 7 years with limited knowledge of English. This is a starter course, an equivalent of pre A1 according to the Common European Framework for Languages (CERF). 
There are groups for children who are 8+ years old, who have mastered basic communication skills. They cover learning material from the A1 level (CEFR).
The main criteria for placing the children in the groups is the level of knowledge in English.

Little Explorers: 6–7 years old
Big Explorers: 8+ years old

Course Duration
2 modules of 60 academic hours each, or 120 academic hours per year

Course Plan
Classes are held at the American College in Sofia on Wednesdays from 13:30 to 17:10 throughout the whole academic year.

Fees in BGN

Early Registration Fees
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Regular Registration Fee

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Benefits of Taking the Course
Children build language skills over time by thriving in a fun and creative all-English environment. They go on a journey of exploration of the world of science and gain a wealth of vocabulary related to nature and surrounding environment. Children are trained to communicate effectively and gain confidence in everyday situations by a native British teacher. Depending on their age, they either start reading or improve their reading and writing skills, upgrade their vocabulary on various topics, and have the chance for a total immersion in an English-speaking environment.