English for Adults

The registration for the 2nd Module of the English for Adults course is ongoing until December 18.
We are currently teaching online and expect the Ministry of Health to allow us to return to the campus.
Please get in touch with us to pose your questions and enroll for a placement test. 

Whether you wish to enhance your career opportunities, to communicate confidently with your international colleagues, or travel the world, this course is just for you. In addition to looking at a wealth of new vocabulary and grammatical constructions to help you deal with a variety of work, home, and leisure situations, you will enhance speaking, listening, reading, and writing skills. Over time, you will become more confident using English and be able to enjoy accessing the world in another language. Our highly qualified teachers will guide you through a fun, sociable, and interactive course.

The B2 and C level courses create a highly communicative and interactive environment to build skills for your career. We put emphasis on practicing new knowledge and skills in real work situations in order to grow your confidence in planning, problem-solving, negotiating, networking, and leading. Bring real anonymized emails and documents from your own life and work to complete exercises and get feedback on how your language use is growing where it matters most - your real life. 

Who Is It Designed For?
This course is designed for adults who wish to improve their level of English for all purposes giving emphasis on career and business purposes for levels B2 and C1.

Course Duration
Regular Courses: 3 modules of 35 academic hours each, or 105 academic hours per year
Accelerated Courses: 105 hours divided in 3 modules of 35 academic hours each for 4 months and a half

Classes are held once or twice a week at the American College of Sofia from Tuesday to Friday from 18:00 to 20:30.
Classes will take place as follows:
B1 level – on Tuesday from 18:00 to 20:30 hrs
C1 level – on Wednesday from 18:00 to 20:30 hrs

However, we are flexible. If a group decides on intensive training, we could offer such twice a week.
Contact us to share your availability and we might form a group at another time.  

Early Registration Fees
(Valid through August 31, 2020)

Early price per module


Early price for 2 modules paid at once


Early price for the whole course 


2nd & 3rd family member discount


Regular registration

Price per module


Price per 2 modules paid at once


Course price


2nd & 3rd family member discount


*VAT included

Benefits of Taking the Course 
Taking the course will give you confidence in using English in a variety of work, home, and leisure situations, and will start active use of the language without hesitation or worries.