Do you struggle in your communication with international partners? Would you like to be more confident in making presentations and defending ideas in English? Would you like to become a preferred partner of foreign companies in your field? Take advantage of our Business English training. It is entirely focused on your business needs. We create a highly communicative and interactive environment to build skills for your career. We put emphasis on practicing new knowledge and skills in real business situations in order to grow your confidence in planning, problem solving, negotiating, networking, and leading. Bring real emails and documents from your own practice to complete exercises and get feedback on how your language use is growing where it matters most - your real life. 

Who Is It Designed For?
This course benefits people who want to acquire better chances for career development, managers, business owners and employees of companies that perform internationally or represent big international companies.

Course Length
This training is tailor made on the basis of your own needs. We can either form a 105-hour course distributed into 3 modules of 35 academic hours each, or form individual classes for you, your colleagues or your employees.


Price per module

900 leva

Price per 2 modules paid at once

1620 leva

Course price

2500 leva

*VAT included

Benefits of Taking the Course 
This tailor-made course based on your own needs will enhance your abilities to communicate confidently in any business setting, will improve your oral and written communication in English, and will give you concrete advice on how to deal professionally in an English-speaking environment. 

Learning System
Materials for the course are customized according to your own needs. Our experienced teachers get to know your business challenges and prepare course materials to cover the gaps you identify together.