Association By Law


1.1. Definition
The Parents and Teachers Association (PTA) of The American College of Sofia (ACS) is a voluntary non-personified non-profit self-governing association, established as complementary body to the ACS under the supervision of the ACS Board of Governors.

1.2. Functioning
PTA shall function as autonomous body within ACS and its activities shall be regulated by the statutory documents of ACS and these By-Laws within the applicable laws and regulations of Bulgaria. The administrative, legal and financial services shall be provided by the respective departments of ACS, and ACS shall legally represent PTA in front of the Law and any third parties.

1.3. Term
PTA is established without a definite term and may be discontinued according to the provisions of this By-Laws.


2.1. Objectives
The objective of PTA is to contribute to higher quality of the education in ACS by supporting and diversifying the forms of educational and extracurricular activities, encouraging parental involvement in ACS life, and sustaining closer contacts between parents and teachers.

2.2. Methods
PTA shall pursue its goals by the following methods:

Supporting the ACS educational programs and initiatives by appropriate involvement of parents and companies;

Organizing or supporting organization of extracurricular activities;

Supporting ACS planning by coordination and investigation of parents and students opinions regarding ACS and PTA programs and initiatives;

  • Coordinating the financial aid to ACS from parents and organizing fund raising activities targeting parents and companies;
  • Organizing of events for closer informal contact between parents and teachers and ACS administration;
  • Supporting the integration of new students' parents into ACS life.


3.1. Membership
The membership in PTA is voluntary and open to all parents of ACS students and any other persons accepting the goals and methods of PTA and this By-Law.

3.2. Full and Associated Membership
The PTA membership can be full and associated as follows:

3.2.1. Full members of PTA can be persons, who have registered by filling the membership form and who pay membership fee.

3.2.2. Associated members are by default all faculty and administration staff of ACS and all parents of ACS students.

3.3. Rights and obligations of full members
Full members have one vote in the PTA General Assembly (GA) and can be elected to PTA positions. Full members have to confirm their membership by paying a membership fee and are obliged to participate in the GA sessions.

3.4. Rights of associated members
Associated members have the right to vote in the PTA pools according to these By-Laws. Associated members can freely participate in PTA events and workgroups but can't take elective positions specified in these By-Laws. Associated members can take part in the GA sessions but can't vote.

3.5. Termination of membership
Full membership in PTA can be terminated in the following cases:

3.5.1. Voluntarily upon written notice by the member;

3.5.2. When membership fee is not paid within specified period;

3.5.3. In exceptional circumstances membership can be terminated due to serious moral concerns in view of the PTA reputation. Membership termination in such cases is performed by the GA upon presentation by the PTA Executive Committee and alter a vote of at least 2/3 majority of all members present at the GA session.


4.1. PTA has the following governing bodies:

  • General Assembly (GA);
  • Executive Committee (EC).

4.2. General Assembly

4.2.1. The General Assembly is composed by all full members of the PTA and has the following exclusive rights:
1. Approve and change these By-Laws;
2. Elect President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer, and adopt ACS Administration nominees for the EC.
3. Approve Annual Report of the EC, as well as annual plan and budget.
4. Approve other decisions assumed to be of GA competence according to these By-Laws or in previous GA decision.
5. Approve decision for covering financial deficits;
6. Terminate membership;
7. Terminate PTA.
Decisions on items 1, 2, 6 and 7 above should be approved by more than one half of all PTA full members.

4.2.2. GA is convened by the EC on regular annual sessions in May - June each year, by written invitations to all full members, sent at least two weeks in advance. The invitations contain agenda, proposed decisions, and nominees for elective positions. EC may also convene extraordinary meetings according to the same rules.

4.2.3. GA decisions are taken by simple majority of present full members unless these By-Laws or previous GA decision call for a qualified majority. Accounted for are also the votes of those full members, who submitted written notice about their vote on agenda items.

4.3. Executive Committee

4.3.1. Executive Committee (EC) manages PTA between GA meetings. EC consists of:

  • Four elected representatives of the parents;
  • ACS President;
  • Two representatives of the ACS administration and faculty nominated by the ACS President and approved by the GA.

4.3.2. The elective positions in PTA are:

  • President 
  • Vice President
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer.

These are elected by GA after nominations according to these By-Laws.

4.3.3. Executive Committee is convened by the PTA President on regular meetings at least once every two months. At least half of the members of EC plus one should be present in order to make EC decisions.

4.3.4. EC reports to the GA by Annual Report and Financial Report. EC also proposes to GA plan and budget for the next year. These documents are sent to full members of PTA together with the GA Meeting invitation.

4.4. Elective Positions

4.4.1. Elective positions of PTA may be filled by full members, which are not relatives among each other. Positions of President and Vice President can be filled only by parents, which are not in a situation of conflict of interest with executive staff or governors of ACS.

4.4.2. The President governs and represents PTA among GA and EC meetings. He/she chairs the meetings of GA and EC.

4.4.3. The Vice President stands for the President and performs other duties delegated by the President.

4.4.4. The Secretary records and distributes written notes of PTA GA and EC meetings and other activities, and performs other duties delegated by the President.

4.4.5. The Treasurer is responsible for the PTA accounts according to GA and EC decisions and reports on finances at PTA meetings.

4.4.6. PTA officers shall serve for one year. No PTA member can serve on particular elective position for more than four years.

4.5. Nominations

4.5.1. Nominations for elective positions can be made by all PTA full members six weeks prior to the annual GA meeting by written notice to the PTA secretary.

4.5.2. Names and biographical notes of nominees are distributed with the GA meeting invitation.

4.6. Work groups

4.6.1. Work groups (WG) are established by EC decision, which also appoints WG Leader among the full members of PTA.

4.6.2. All PTA members can take part in the WG activities. The WG may adopt their own plans and Rules subject of endorsement by the EC.

4.6.3. WG Leaders may take part in the EC meetings.