Math Competition Medals for our students.


As every year, in 2019 our students took part in the National Math Competition for Language Schools, again. As every year too, in 2019 they took a bunch of medals, again.

But wait, there’s more! Three of our students, namely Alexander Zhelyazkov, and Ivan Nikolov from Grade 11 and eighth grader Lubomir Kotsev qualified for the National Round of the Math Linguistics Olympiad.

While our students don’t grow tired of winning medals, we will never grow tired of acknowledging and taking pride in their achievements.

Here is the list of our medalists:

Grade 8:

1st place - Peter Ivanovski

2nd place - Teresa Lambova

Grade 9:

1st place - Valery Vankov

2nd place - Katrin Evgenieva

Grade 10:

1st place - Ivo Yordanov

2nd place - Dragomir Ganeff

Grade 11:

1st place - Alexander Zhelyazkov

2nd place - Ivan Nikolov