Faculty Follies - The First of Its Kind ACS Teacher Talent Show

The IB Program presented the First Annual Faculty Follies Teacher Talent Show yesterday,  March 31st, in front of a Whitaker Auditorium packed with students.

ACS faculty and staff members such as Mr. Braithwaite, Ms. White, Ms. Noel, Ms. McKenna, Mr. Dimitrov, Ms. Emigh, Ms. Gigova, Ms. Trendafilova, Ms. Johnson, Ms. Popova, Dr. Savage, Ms. Roumyana Ivanova, Ms. Crocker, Mr. Marinov, Ms. Tsolova, Ms. Tsvetkova, Ms. Tonova-Ivanova, Ms. Howell, Mr. Branch, Ms. Todorova, Mr. Brothers, Mr. Klempa, Mr. Jewett, Ms. Manolova, Mr. Karadjov, Ms. Bucior, Ms. Bouton, Ms. Dimitrova, and Ms. Lawrie shone in the spotlight at the same time giving their students the unique chance to laugh at them. 

The show was also a fundraiser in support of the Protected Home ‘Together’ Project, a project providing support for young adult orphans who no longer qualify for the care provided by the Bulgarian government, or who are not receiving quality care. We are proud to announce that we raised more than 1300 BGN for this noble cause. Please visit www.podslon.org for further information on the Protected Home ‘Together’ Project in the village of Gurmazovo.