Celebrating Liberation Day at the American College of Sofia

Traditionally, the American College of Sofia community joins together on the steps of Ostrander Hall for a ceremony honoring Liberation Day. This year we are commemorating the glorious occasion with an online video celebration, featuring a fine performance of the Bulgarian National Anthem by the College Choir, Dr. Richard T. Ewing’s celebratory address, a brief historical reference, and excerpts from venerated Bulgarian literature pieces, expertly delivered by students. 

As some students get to be on campus around Liberation Day, Student Council’s 9th Grade Senators decorated the Cafeteria and the Cafe in the spirit of the holiday, with emphasis on traditional Bulgarian symbols such as the flag, famous revolutionary heroes and their timeless messages, balloons in the national flag colors, tablecloths ets. Members of the Interact Club at ACS also contributed by popularizing more of the Enlightenment heroes’ testaments from the eve of the Liberation.

Enjoy the Liberation Day spirit at the American College of Sofia in this gallery and join our celebration by watching the video below! 

Happy Liberation Day!