8th Graders Plant Sapling Trees in Pancharevo

Community service is an important part of student life at ACS and is introduced to our preps in their first year here, by way of projects. This year, among the winning ones is the project of eighth graders Kaloyan Dimitrov, Elizabeth Dimitrova and Irina Kovacheva. Aimed at reducing global warming, on May 25 the project was fully implemented with the support of Sofia Municipality - Pancharevo region, where the authors, their classmates, friends and family members planted 10 red oaks, 2 lindens and 1 birch in the recreation area "The Beach". The volunteers received support from gorata.bg, who donated the sapling trees, as well as from gardeners from the municipal unit of Sofia Municipality - Pancharevo region. We congratulate Kaloyan, Elizabeth and Irina for the implementation of the project, as well as their teachers for the mentoring.