A Gift of Security

ACS is receiving a very high number of applications for financial aid. Every school year ACS fundraises in order to distribute more than one million dollars of financial aid to students in need. These funds are donated by generous alumni, ACS board members, parents and friends of our school. Philanthropy is the heart of ACS: allowing every deserving student to receive an outstanding education. The pandemic has taken a toll on many ACS families. We ask for your support. Please donate any amount you are comfortable with and provide a Gift of Security to our students.

Viktor Pankov '14

ACS Alum

I sometimes think back to those days when I was applying to study in ACS. I was set on getting accepted and I worked hard day and night on my math, logic, and writing skills. During those days of preparation my mom was oddly unsupportive of my endeavors. She always made it clear that I might very well not get in. I didn’t think too much of it at the time because I was so engulfed by my studies, but I did ask her years after. She told me she was actually trying to discourage me from applying because she knew that there was a very good chance that I’d get accepted, but when it came down to paying tuition she knew that there was no possible way she, a single mom working as an accountant at the University of Sofia, could afford my tuition at ACS. She just couldn’t bear to have her boy reach so far for the stars only to be shot down by his own mother. I cried when mom shared that.

Luckily she didn’t have to go through with shattering her only child’s dream, as we quickly got approved for a sizable amount of financial aid from the College. The aid scheme literally made it possible for me to go to the best high school in the country.

Zara Rancheva '14

ACS Alumna

I was in the eighth grade when my father, my most dedicated supporter and the most honest person I knew, suddenly left us. After that my scholarship was not just "aid," it was the main reason why my future still belonged to me. Ironically, the generosity of another family, that of Nelly and Robert Gipson, gave me the freedom to develop according to my own understanding of a successful and meaningful person and get as far as hard work and perseverance would take me. The scholarship also taught me that our success is never just our own, and so the most natural reaction to it is gratitude.

I share these thoughts because I would like it if more talented students knew that just a few steps stand between them and the care and support that would allow them to reach for the impossible. Even though they may be the loner in a noisy class of 30 in a small town, like I was, and everything around them suggests the opposite.

Originally introduced in 2020, the Gift of Security Fundraising Campaign delivered amazing results by raising 86,324.37 leva for our students. To help families in need one more time, we are directing all our fundraising towards financial aid. Please give any amount you feel comfortable with. Together, we can make a gift of security to ACS families.

There are four ways to make a gift to the College: online, wire/bank transfer, check, or in person

Make a gift online here.