Return to ACS

Support the Education of Deserving Students at ACS

Thank you on behalf of many

Summer is a time that we at ACS have the privilege of and responsibility for supporting our families who seek necessary financial assistance.

Recognizing the importance of financial support has deep historical roots; it is a privilege and a responsibility that is shared across a community. It is a feature of our identity that is well understood; one that contributes to the continued merit of our student body. It is also a feature that supported many of you who read this message or supported your peers, your friends, while at the College. It is in this spirit that I reach out to seek your support on behalf of this remarkable community. It is an invitation to in some way, albeit figurative, return to ACS.

Your return to ACS through the support of a future generation of graduates ensures that a group of well deserving, talented students have the opportunity to attend the College and engage in a community that cares deeply about their academic accomplishments and personal goals. These five years enable big dreams. For many of our students, this experience is untenable without financial support; for some, this need is small; for others, the need mirrors that of a full tuition. Regardless of demonstrated need, however, the relative impact is significant.

Please consider joining me by participating in this year’s drive to support a talented student body by contributing to the success of an individual student through a donation that is right for you. 

With gratitude and respect,