Leadership in Giving



There are individuals and organizations that support the mission of the American College of Sofia generously and selflessly and make the dreams of our outstanding students and teachers come true. ACS is grateful for gifts of all amounts.

With an eye on the future, we hope you would consider joining our annual Giving Clubs and making an investment in the life of the College and its students. Our Giving Societies help alumni and friends of ACS share their personal success and lead a new generation of students towards an outstanding educational experience.









You can join one of the following ACS Giving Societies:

The President’s Club donations over 10,000 BGN
Friends of ACS from 5,000 BGN to 9,999 BGN
Dr. Floyd H. Black Giving Club from 1,000 BGN to 4,999 BGN
ACS 25 Years in Renaissance from 250 BGN to 999 BGN

*For purposes of recognition, the value of matching gifts is added to the donor’s personal contribution.

Your contributions form a living endowment that goes directly to the heart of ACS, supporting students, faculty and the environment in which they study and work. The members of the ACS Giving Societies take advantage of special opportunities to engage with the College throughout the year, including events and receptions, as well as unique access to programs and activities at ACS.

For more information, or to join our friends and supporters, please contact Georgi Metodiev (g.metodiev@acsbg.org).



Dr. Ibrahim Meziad

Parent, The President’s Club

For me ACS is a second home to my children. The school offers knowledge, science, and character that shape the leaders of the next generations. ACS prepared my three children for life with knowledge in the classrooms and with character from the extracurricular activities. Each of my children left a mark at ACS and later at their universities abroad. This is why I would like to continue to support ACS: to foster new leaders in our communities.

Yana Karadjova

Class of 2003, ACS 25 Years in Renaissance Giving Club

11 years into my professional career I still get almost daily reminders of how much ACS has given me. And I still think, also daily: "What would have my life been like, had I not gone to ACS?". I have taken in plenty of knowledge and skill in my time there and it only seems fair that I give something back. Besides fairness though, I see it as an investment into our common future - building a generation of young people who are motivated, have a strong moral compass and feel empowered to pursue their dreams and ambitions. To me, this is taking us one step closer to a better world.

Nora Hesse

Class of 1997, Dr. Floyd H. Black Giving Club

I donate because I believe ACS should remain a school for gifted and bright young people, not just for the privileged. And because I would like to support the students that were in the same situation I was.

Nick Georgiev

Class of 1997, ACS 25 Years in Renaissance Giving Club

ACS provided a unique opportunity to develop me as a person, to supply me with knowledge and the ability to think critically and analytically, to forge invaluable life-long friendships, to be prosperous, and to lead a happy and fulfilling life.

Lyubitsa Gerasimova

Class of 2001, ACS 25 Years in Renaissance Giving Club

I support ACS because I believe it provides the best well-rounded education in the whole Balkan region, and also the best preparation for life in general.