Our past and future success depends on strong partnerships with friends of the school. There are a number of ways ACS can partner with your organization in exchange for branding opportunities: 


  • Internships - offer opportunities at your company for our smart and talented students;
  • Masterclasses - share your professional experience with our community;  
  • Support one of the many events at our campus and receive branding opportunities;
  • Sponsor the participation of gifted students in national and international Olympiads and contests;
  • Create a scholarship on your name and become a symbol of generosity in the ACS community.


Shootings of international blockbusters, arts and science fests, career forums, sports fests, international conferences - our campus has seen it all. Share your creative idea or the goals in your CSR program. 

This will be the beginning of a beautiful partnership. Contact Georgi Metodiev, g.metodiev@acsbg.org, for more information. 

Ognyan Trayanov

Parent, donated 3D design CAD software

ACS laboratories and workshops are of significant importance. Not all ACS graduates will become engineers and programmers, but the work of all, regardless of their professional development, will have to do with intensive use of digital technologies. And the sooner they start to create and use state-of-the- art technology, the faster they will develop. This will always give students a competitive edge. I don’t idolize the role of technology. It makes life more comfortable, culture – more beautiful and enriches creativity. I am glad I could support the young people of ACS to create with a modern and easy to use 3D CAD design software. I hope they invent and feel the gratification of creation.