ACS Basketball

Basketball is a fast-paced and physical sport requiring high cardiac endurance, quick movements, and excellent high-pressure decision making. It is one of a handful of sports that combines all the realms of athleticism into one, and requires an intense level of teamwork and sportsmanship to exhibit success. Despite what some people see and want to emulate in their favorite professional players, basketball is not an individual sport, and being able to work effectively as a team is the most important skill that young players can develop.

Basketball enjoys great popularity among the students at ACS, and there are currently four varsity-level basketball teams in the college: two for boys and two for girls. All teams are proud of their dedication and achievements.

Since the inception of the NALB Schools' League, the ACS basketball teams have proved to be highly competitive. In fact, the boys team has won the league championship twice, including the recent 2019-2020 season. The ACS basketball teams have also participated in the WBAIS International Invitational Tournament where they have performed admirably.

“I grew up playing basketball since the age of 8 and have always had a love for the sport. When I was given the opportunity to combine it with my love of working with students, I jumped at the chance. Becoming a coach for the girls varsity team is a true highlight of my time in ACS. The dedication and resilience shown from female athletes is unrivalled and it makes me proud to be part of a team like ours.”

Hoda Ebrahimi, Basketball girls team coach and ACS Biology teacher

“I wanted to get involved with coaching the ACS basketball team because I wanted to grow the love of the game here at our school, help young athletes develop their basketball skills and IQ, and also be able to interact with students in a different setting, outside the classroom.“

Cameron Knight, Basketball boys coach and ACS English Language and Literature Teacher