Name: Phoenix

Color: Purple

Student body: 12 grade

Unique traits: The 12th grade students belong to the Phoenix block. The college hopes our 12th graders will proudly serve as leaders who provide an example to the other grade levels. The school color of ACS is purple, and the keepers of the purple flag have successfully reached the final stage of their high school experience. Throughout the years, the Phoenix block has established traditions that contribute to the school’s community spirit such as the collection and wrapping of presents for the school’s staff before Christmas and the organization of the spring barbecue. 

Block Leaders: Yoanna Ninova, Brenna Coldren

Additional Activities: Seniors have a great tradition of collecting and wrapping presents for staff during the last advisory meeting before Christmas. Students are encouraged to buy small presents for the staff such as sweets, winter scarfs and/or gloves, small souvenirs, etc. or to prepare something by themselves. They bring the presents to school, and during advisory, they wrap them with the wrapping paper distributed to the advisers by the Grade Level Deans. The preps do their part by preparing the holiday cards. After everything is ready, the presents are distributed among the staff.