Name: Magma

Color: Red

Student body: 9, 10 and 11 grade

Unique traits: Magma brings the meaning of the hidden energy of nature and symbolizes the hidden energy of every human being. As the magma can change the earth's surface, people can change their social and physical reality. Magma can push through layers of rocks, as people can push through the impossible to achieve a vision. The Magma block strives to cultivate in every student moral strength, persistence and ability to work with passion towards their dreams. Students have been isolated physically for a very long time, therefore Magma block is trying to bring back the much missed physical socialization, but enrich it with the new means of interacting as a group and always with care, integrity and accountability. 

Block Leader: Ganka Dineva. She is a Biology teacher at ACS fascinated by new technological methods of teaching. She teaches students to be open-minded to new ways of learning and as a Block leader she is willing to unlock the potential of all individuals in the group, to help them become a team and friends who support each other during their school years.