Name: Dulo

Color: Green

Student body: 9, 10 and 11 grade

Block Leader: Christian Youngs

Dulo was the ruling clan of Bulgars. Its green color reminds us of the beautiful nature that surrounds us. It is a helpful reminder for students to appreciate and take care of the natural environment they are spending their time on campus. The Dulo block organizes various activities in order to create lasting memories for students and their experience in ACS. The block has actively participated in all events and games, and stands as a dignified competitor

Christian Youngs is the block leader of the Dulo clan. He teaches physics and astronomy in ACS. Mr. Youngs enjoys working with young and talented individuals, and finds that the college offers him an ideal environment to do this. He is a proud winner of the “Teacher of the year” annual award and he has received it two times as a recognition from students for his inspiring teaching methods.