English in Action

Learn by Doing

Learn by Doing

English in Action is a course in English that encourages experiential learning by enabling students to complete their own projects from an idea to a fully ready product. The syllabus is created by our teachers who have a background in media and film-making, music and design. It is designed to improve students’ overall English competencies with focus on speaking and creative writing, at the same time appealing to young people’s sense of creativity and fun.  

Students come up with an idea of a product or a cause and learn through implementing interactive and creative workshops. Every class will lead the students closer to a fully completed product or ready to go promotional materials like posters, recordings, promotional videos, podcasts, etc. Students will learn the conventions of media language for different types of media – news reports, commercials, and media platforms. They will analyze and discuss concepts of advertising, shoot commercials, edit videos and can even make the first steps towards creating a website. They will learn about online safety, social media and influencers and how to write for the internet. While creating a short commercial or similar project at the modern ACS filmmaking studio, they will practice shooting and editing techniques to create a cohesive movie and apply design thinking.

Who Is It Designed for?
This course is designed for children and teenagers who are 11+ years old and would like to learn English by doing something creative and fun.

Minimum level of English required
Minimum entry level of B1 is required.

Course Duration
2 modules of 60 academic hours each, or 120 academic hours per year.

Please contact the EP Office to find out about classes’ schedule.

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