Baby English

This course is the first meeting of newborns with the English language. We create a total immersion in English environment to babies and their parents. The course facilitates early language development of the children, stimulating foreign language acquisition through songs, rhymes, games, finger-plays and sensory activities appropriate for the age group. Parents are encouraged to speak to the children in English, using repetitive phrases. A tangible, take-home ‘product’, song, rhyme or finger-play, that parents and babies can play with at home will provide further repetition and retention of the target language. This course provides young parents with a number of interesting, easy and fun activities to do with their children while exposing their child to the English language from a very early age and stimulating their brain’s development.

Who Is It Designed For?
1 to 3 years old, plus parent or caretaker, older siblings could also attend classes, if needed.

Groups of 5 to 7 babies

Course Length
3 modules of 30 academic hours 

Course Plan
Classes will be held at the American College of Sofia during the week from 10:00 to 11:30 am. Confirmation of the exact week days will be available after registration, when the groups are formed.


Single-module fee

610 leva

2 Modules paid at once

1150 leva

Course fee

1690 leva

Second family member discount


*VAT included

Benefits of Taking the Course
While babies are exposed to environment where their parents speak a foreign language, their brains are memorizing the sounds that they hear. These memories form the foundation for all further linguistic developments, and babies become most sensitive to the languages they’ve been exposed to. Their ability to perceive and integrate new sounds increases. Additionally, this is a fun time for parents with their children providing parents with graded vocabulary to use with the child.

Learning System
An experienced early childhood educator creates the course activities based on the group’s abilities and interests.