Meet the AFAC Members

Georgi Klissurski

AFAC Chair
  • Class '10

Why AFAC: I love ACS for its people and the moments of growth and happiness that I continue sharing with them. I want to make sure ACS keeps attracting the most incredible individuals, and preparing Bulgaria’s most capable students for a life of significant impact. Empowering alumni to support ACS financially so it can become more affordable for all Bulgarian families is thus paramount. And I want to make sure that the individuals making up the ACS body form a community, a network that provides lifelong support to all ACSers.

Education: B.A. Economics, Engineering Sciences, Dartmouth College

Work: NERA Economic Consulting, New York, NY

Kalina Kourdova

Participation Sub-committee
  • Class of 2011

Why AFAC: The support and preparation I received during my five years at ACS had a tremendous impact on me and equipped me with the confidence and courage to pursue my goals abroad. I joined AFAC because I believe that through AFAC's efforts and engagement, we have the potential to expand the opportunities available to current and future ACS students both in the form of school resources and financial aid. I look forward to helping ensure that more people will be exposed to the incredible opportunities at ACS, regardless of their financial situation.

Education: B.A. in Economics, Vassar College 

Work: Economic Consulting (Analysis Group, Inc.)

Alexander Kanov

Participation Sub-committee
  • Class of 2012

Why AFAC: My motivation to join AFAC is driven by the chance to make a tangible difference at ACS. We alumni have the potential to truly impact our school given its relatively small scale and our close-knit relationships; therefore, we should make use of such opportunities to express our gratefulness in an effective way.

Education: B.A. Economics, Brown University

Work: Simon-Kucher & Partners, consulting (strategy & marketing)

Nikola Kouzmanov

Participation Sub-committee
  • Class of 2002

Why AFAC: It’s very simple really: I want to help kids with the skills and drive, but without the required finances, have the chance to experience and achieve the high-quality education (academic and personal) that I believe ACS provides and has certainly provided me. I know someone gave the funds to make my education more affordable (and possible) and I now want to pass that good deed on. I believe AFAC gives us the opportunity to multiply our individual efforts by involving more and more alumni. At the same time, it allows us to keep in touch and maintain that ACS community spirit. In turn, I believe this could (and should) ultimately become a matrix for the development of high-school education and alumni involvement elsewhere in Bulgaria.

Education: BBA in International Management and Finance, International University in Germany

Work: Equities Research, Oil and Gas, Jefferies

Hristo Popov

Marketing Sub-committee
  • Class '01

Why AFAC: Being а part of ACS did not end upon my graduation. The Сollege has been a major contributing factor behind my career development and I continue to maintain the strong relationships I was able to build as a student. ACS provides the best available education and I would like to contribute to maintaining the high educational standards and to ensuring the College remains accessible to the most gifted students, rather than the most financially affluent ones.

Education: BA International Finance and Trade at Portsmouth Business School

Work: CEO at Britos EOOD (private FMCG company); previously CEO at Agrokom Finance (algorithmic trading company), CFO and co-founder at Previo, 7 years of investment banking experience

Zara Rancheva

Marketing Sub-committee
  • Class '14

Why AFAC: The support I received at ACS prompted me to view education as a communal endeavor, to which every one of us could potentially contribute. I am convinced AFAC inspires alumni to recognize and act upon this potential, a process that both strengthens ties within the community and assists the College in its distinctive mission.

Education: Tufts University, Medford, Massachusetts

Nicole Levakova

Marketing Sub-committee
  • Class of 2016

Why AFAC: Having just recently graduated from ACS, I still have the feeling that it is a community to which I belong. Throughout my studies, I have always been an active member of the College and that is why I would like to continue working for the benefit of the school. AFAC is a great chance for me to be helpful, to create new contacts and to build a stronger bond between the alumni and the current students of ACS - a process which I personally find to be extremely meaningful.

Education: Currently studying Law at Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"

Work: Intern at the Presidency of the Republic of Bulgaria

Yana Staneva

Marketing Sub-committee
  • Class of 2012

Why AFAC: Becoming a member of AFAC is my way of expressing gratitude to the ACS community. I strongly believe that ACS is the place where we grew up academically, personally, and socially. Thus, it is our duty as alumni to ensure that other young bright individuals also have the opportunity to gain this invaluable experience.

Education: MSci Mathematics, University of Glasgow, UK.
Currently reading towards a PhD in Mathematics, University of Cologne, Germany.

Work: Technology Intern at J.P. Morgan